Qualimet's 40th Anniversary - Nov 14, 2013

On November 14, 2013, Qualimet hosted our 40th Anniversary celebration in the Jasper Room at Edmonton’s Derrick Club.

They say that turning 40 can be traumatic, but for us, the day was a wonderful milestone. It was one of those rare moments when key Qualimet staff took the time to reflect, bask in the satisfaction of shared achievement, and extend heartfelt thanks to the people—our Clients—who have made us successful.

There we are below, getting ready to welcome our guests.


Busy schedules kept many away, but 55 of our valued Clients were able to attend. The upbeat, relaxed programme started with some free time for networking. Everybody seemed to enjoy it and took the opportunity to renew existing friendships and forge some new ones.



After everyone had a good chance to network, people moved to their tables. We had everything necessary for a good time—gift bags, good food, a relaxed setting, and great music!



Before lunch, our President Don Keith spoke about Qualimet’s evolution—where we’ve been, and where we’re heading. After lunch, our Business Development Manager, Gary LaFleur, shared stories about his experiences in the industry. It’s hard to say who had more fun or spoke with more enthusiasm, Gary or Don! (Gary had the advantage of speaking AFTER our hungry guests had eaten.)



During lunch, guests were entertained by a slide presentation featuring our staff and company culture. Several attendees gave testimonials, describing how and why they had chosen to partner with Qualimet. (Stay tuned—these testimonials will be released as a video in the near future.)

And what’s a celebration without prizes? Congratulations to the door prize winners (apologies to anyone whose photo we missed):

  • Ryan Kaehn (Hydro Scotsford) - Oilers Tickets
  • Sean Lepine (Aecon Industrial) - Hudson Gift certificate and liquor basket
  • Troy Anonson (Big Country Energy) - iPad mini



Qualimet had twin goals for the day. First, to join with our Clients in celebrating forty years of success. Second, to share our go-forward vision for welding engineering consulting, as it should be. Consulting with accountability. Consulting where we are responsible to Clients, not just for the services we provide, but for making sure that those services are appropriate and contribute to the best possible project outcome. 

At the conclusion of his talk, Gary invited all attendees to hold Qualimet accountable, and to call him at any time for a one-to-one conversation on how we're doing and how we can serve them better.


It was an exciting day! To everyone who attended, we sincerely thank you for the opportunity to communicate our vision of the future. And especially, we thank you for helping us to celebrate our landmark day. For those who signed the memento sheet, we'd like you to know that it's being framed for proud display in our office.

It was a day we’ll remember.



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More event photos below!


Special thanks to Jackie Young-Norris, Martha Boctor, and Katy Dickson (all at left), professionals from our marketing consultant The Sales Effect, for all their work in coordinating the event.


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