Annual Christmas Party - Nov 15, 2014


This year, Qualimet’s annual Christmas Party took place at the Sutton Hotel in downtown Edmonton.

During dinner, everyone was entertained by a murder mystery presented by Slixer Entertainment. Courses were served as the mystery was acted out around us. Two “attempted murders” were even made on Qualimet employees!

Actors were with us at the tables, pouring our water and engaging us in conversation. Many pieces of evidence were on display, so each table could submit their theory of “who done it” at the end of the meal. Evidence included ‘intercepted emails’ sent to Qualimet employees, including one to Tony Travanut requesting that he become a yoga instructor for the Edmonton Oilers, one to Sarah Thomson from Vogue magazine, asking her to model “the working girl”, and one to Hanibal Ghile about his interest in Lululemon athletic wear.

A few tables deduced the correct answer, so the winner was selected based on the creativity of the team names. The table with the name “EJ the Puppet Master” was the winner and received a gift basket and bragging rights as their prize.

The evening concluded with Don Keith saying a few words and wishing us all a Merry Christmas

Special Thanks to Coral Superstar Nagy and Pam Amazing Irwin for planning another awesome Christmas Party!



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More event photos below!



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