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Selected Articles - Equipment Inspection 

Below are links to some of the articles that Qualimet has published on equipment inspection.


Buying Used Equipment? A Pre-Purchase Inspection Gives Great Value
June 2015
There's never been a better time to buy used equipment. But how do you ensure that your "bargain" won't wind up causing you headaches?

Welding Repairs—Planning Makes All the Difference
April 2013
The secret to a successful welding repair is to keep track of, and correctly assess, all the relevant factors. Hiring a qualified, experienced welding consultant can make all the difference.

EVERYBODY'S Crane is Cracked
November 2012
Many people in construction don’t realize that every structural steel member—even when it’s brand new—contains tiny cracks known as microfissures. Is it a problem?

Heavy Equipment Modifications: Good Design is the Key to Long Life
November 2012
If you’re adding attachments to your heavy equipment in order to support walkways, conduit, or electrical/mechanical equipment, it can pay off to consult a structural engineer first....

When to Call In an Equipment Inspector
November 2012
Even if your lifting equipment is inspected regularly, unexpected problems can develop. Here are some signs that you should shut down and call an inspector....