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Selected Articles - Highway Tank Trucks and TDG 

Below are links to some of the articles that Qualimet has published on welding engineering for highway tank trucks and TDG.


Tank Trucks - B620-09 Switchover. Don't Get Caught!
March 2013
B620-09 is coming, but no official date has been set. Find out how to be sure that you don't get caught with invalid tanker truck and TDG tank certifications.

CSA B620 - Which Edition Is in Force?
November 2012
This article originally ran in the February, 2011 Qualimet News, but is still current as of November 2012.

What Clients Ask About Highway Tanks
March 2012
We are often asked questions like, "We’re manufacturing/repairing/modifying TC specification tanks or related piping - do we need to be ABSA certified for that work and have accompanying welding procedures and tested welders?" Find out the answer in this article.