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Tony Travanut Receives Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) Status - July 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Travanut, Qualimet's Welding Engineering Lead, for receiving his Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) certification in July 2016. Everybody at Qualimet is proud of you, and it's a privilege to be part of this great milestone in your life. Congratulations, Tony!



Qualimet Welcomes New General Manager Allan Willis - April 2016

In January 2016, Qualimet proudly welcomed Allan Willis, CPA, CMA as our new General Manager. Allan comes to us after a long and successful career with Russel Metals Inc., where he began as Accounting Manager in their Ontario Head Office and was quickly moved west to become Controller for Western Canada. Allan spent his last seven years at Russel Metals as General Manager of the Prairie and B.C. regions.

In his role as General Manager at Qualimet, Allan will maximize opportunities to increase revenues, maintain cost efficiencies, and deliver high quality, professional services that leave our Clients feeling well taken care of. Allan will also help Qualimet to grow by directing the company in new strategic alliances, product lines, and markets.

Hiring Allan is a key step in Qualimet's commitment to continuously improve the experience that you, our Clients, have when you entrust us with your business. We're all excited at the emerging opportunities to deliver Service you Love, and we welcome Allan to Qualimet.


Gary Lafleur Now President of Edmonton Executives Association - April 2016

Congratulations to Gary LaFleur, Qualimet's Client Relations and Inspections Manager, who has just moved from Vice President to President of the Edmonton Executives Association (EEA).

Congratulations, Gary! Everyone at Qualimet is very proud of you.


Qualimet Becomes Associate Member of CISC-ICCA - March 2016

Qualimet is pleased to announce that we've become Associate Members of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC-ICCA). CISC is dedicated to promoting the health of Canada's steel construction industry.


Two New P. Eng.s at Qualimet! - Feb. 2016

HUGE congratulations to Cassandra Tomas and Eric Lepine, who both received their P. Eng. status in February 2016. Everyone at Qualimet is proud of you, and we're all so happy to be a part of this great milestone in your lives. Congratulations!


We Care for Kids Campaign

Qualimet received a letter of thanks from our client, JNE Welding, for our contribution to their “We Care for Kids Campaign” to support the Saskatoon Crisis Nursery. We applaud the JNE Welding for their initiative and are honoured to have contributed to the campaign.


More Fantastic Training - Jan. 2016

On January 10th and 11th, 2016, Qualimet staff participated in a training session presented by Vanto Group as part of an ongoing series that began in July 2015. We continue to grow, learn, and create at these sessions, collaborating and being inspired by each other and by our goals for the next 4 years. You can look forward to a Qualimet that continues to grow and thrive, expanding our ability to deliver the service you love.


Christmas Party 2015

On Friday, Nov. 20th, Qualimet celebrated the holiday season at our annual Christmas Party at Highlands Golf Course. Good company, amazing food, draw prizes, dancing, and a fun casino all contributed to a fantastic and memorable party. Special thanks to the following groups for their donations of draw prizes:

  • Waltech Inspections
  • Printing Impressions
  • Canadian Linen
  • Skolney & Company
  • RBC Financial
  • Supreme Basics
  • Adecco
  • Huncut
  • Exocor
  • Russel Metals
  • Buffalo Inspection
  • K&R Oilfield Inspections




In Pursuit of WOW - September 2015

On September 19th and 20th (yes, that is a weekend!) nearly every member of Qualimet’s staff attended a development workshop presented by Vanto Group. From engineers to managers, to admin, accounting, and laboratory, everyone was included and had an equal voice in creating Qualimet’s next four year plan. The collaboration, inspiration, and creativity in the room were palpable as we developed the skills, built the team, and set the goals to best serve and delight our Clients in the present and future.


Engineers Run for Burundi - October2015

On October 3, 2015, Oscar Lam, Philip Thai, and Cassandra Tomas, members of Qualimet’s engineering team, raced the 5 km, 10 km, and 10 km races respectively at Run Burundi in Sherwood Park. The event supported social efforts in Burundi, Africa. At the event, the team also collected shoes for a provincial shoe drive in support of Soles4Souls, a shoe drive that Cassandra Tomas has helped coordinate since July 2014.

A total of sixty-five pairs of shoes were collected and kept safe in one of Qualimet’s vehicles from the less-than-ideal weather conditions. Congratulations to all three Qualimet participants, both as runners and as active community members!


Hanging Out Together - August 2015

On August 14th-16th, several members of the Qualimet team and their families went camping at Vermilion Lake Provincial Park. Even with the rain, a fun time was had by all, hiking, playing games, group cooking, and in general, enjoying each other’s company.


Qualimet's Growing!  Staff Assignments - July 2015

Joy Chahal has been hired on as our Marketing & Sales Specialist. Welcome Joy!
Mariya Kan is now a full-time employee at Qualimet!
Scott Hynes and John Milner are now managers. Congratulations!


Qualimet Sponsors Golf Tournament - July 2015

Qualimet sponsored the Highlands Golf Club Henry Martell Pro Am on Jul 10-11, 2015.

Gary LaFleur, our ace golfing dude and Manager of Client Relations & Inspections, played on a team with Mike Belbin, the defending champion. MIke won again, and the team finished only 3 points off first place. Congratulations Gary and Mike!


Reshoe Reuse Recycle at Loops for the Troops - June 2015

A Qualimet truck was in attendance at the Edmonton Garrison this past weekend. For an inspection? An audit? A welding procedure? No, to collect shoes!

Loops for the Troops, a local running event, was underway, and the Qualimet truck was there to accept shoes donated for Reshoe Reuse Recycle, a province-wide shoe drive that facilitates the reuse, recycle, or refurbishment of unwanted shoes. Instead of winding up in local landfills, shoes are sent to people around the world who need them. Qualimet engineer Cassandra Tomas, competing in the half marathon, worked with event coordinators to have the shoes collected on race day.

“I started Reshoe Reuse Recycle July last year,” Tomas said, “And Qualimet has supported me every step of the way. It was great to know that if every race participant donated a pair of shoes, I would be able to take all of them back with me because I had use of a Qualimet truck.”


Disaster Relief - May 2015

As part of our charitable giving program, Qualimet continues to support the Canadian Red Cross in its work to bring disaster relief to areas such as Nepal. Please consider supporting the Red Cross in its work to assist disaster victims both internationally and within Canada by making a charitable donation to the Red Cross.


Recycling Heroes - March 2015

At Qualimet, we're big on recycling! Although everyone here is an enthusiastic recycler, a few of our staff members, including Anita Dingwall, Pam Irwin, Sherman Chan, John Milner, and Cassandra Tomas, have kindly volunteered to complete the last step in the chain by taking the collected recyclables to their new homes. Right now, we're recycling:

  • Beverage containers (proceeds donated to charity)
  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Scrap metal
  • Shredded paper
  • Old electronics
  • Printer toner and ink cartridges
  • Shoes (see additional details on Reshoe Reuse Recycle)

Our recycling heroes often use their own time to take recyclable materials to the depots. Thanks to ALL Qualimet employees who contribute to our recycling initiatives. Way to go!


Reshoe Reuse Recycle Continues Step by Step - March 2015

Qualimet Engineer Cassandra Tomas continues work with "Reshoe Reuse Recycle", a community project she has founded with the goal of keeping shoes out of landfills. Shoes are collected and sent to The Mustard Seed and Soles4Souls to be reused, recycled or refurbished. Refurbishing means sending the shoes internationally to individuals living in developing or devastated economies to refurbish in their home businesses (micro-enterprises), creating employment and affordable shoes.

Even damaged and single shoes are accepted. This month, a load of shoes unsuitable for local reuse was collected from The Mustard Seed. Instead of being thrown out, they will be distributed around the world to be refurbished or recycled, creating jobs and providing affordable footwear in developing and devastated economies.

For more information or to host a shoe drive within your company, contact Cassandra at 780-702-6956 or


Employee Retreat in Canmore - Mar 21/22, 2015

Ten members of Qualimet's staff went on a retreat to Canmore for the weekend. Fun times were had hiking, rock climbing, hot tubbing, playing games, and in general enjoying each other's company and getting to know each other better. At Qualimet, we are a tight team that works and plays together!

(Photo: Pam Irwin taking a picture of Ahsan Jutt taking a picture of himself, Cassandra Tomas, and Scott Hynes)


Inaugural Student Tour of Qualimet - Mar 18, 2015

On March 18, 2015, twenty-three engineering students from the University of Alberta came to Qualimet for the inaugural Qualimet Student Tour. Scott Hynes, Cassandra Tomas, Oscar Lam, and Ahsan Jutt led the students through four areas at Qualimet:

  • In the shop front, Devon Peterson demonstrated a tensile machine and John Milner did a show and tell with several already-welded coupons.
  • In the shop back, Eric Lepine explained the welding and machining processes used at Qualimet in our procedure development.
  • In the metallurgical lab, Trevor Hossinger demonstrated charpy impact testing and hardness testing, while Sarah Thomson provided detailed explanations of the theories, reasons, and quirks behind the testing.
  • In the boardroom, Mike Kereliuk introduced Qualimet as a company: what we do, why it makes a difference, and what we value.

The tour planning team had a great time planning and carrying out this tour. At Qualimet, we try to have fun with all our events, and this event was no exception. There were smiles on the faces of the staff and students, and everyone had a positive and informative experience.


The Shoe on the Other Foot? - January 2015

Qualimet Engineer Cassandra Tomas has founded a community project called "Reshoe Reuse Recycle", whose goal is to keep shoes out of landfills and on the feet of those who can benefit from them.

So far, Reshoe Reuse Recycle has collected about 450 pairs of shoes from drop off locations in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, and Calgary. Drop off locations have included yoga studios, homes, small businesses, massage clinics, and Qualimet itself.

Any and all types and styles of shoes are accepted, regardless of condition. The project collaborates with The Mustard Seed and Soles4Souls to ensure that the collected shoes are reused, recycled, or refurbished.

In January, the majority of the shoes collected so far were given to the Edmonton branch of The Mustard Seed to be reused locally. Additional pairs of shoes will be refurbished—that is, sent to individuals in developing or devastated economies to be rebuilt in their home businesses (micro-enterprises), creating both employment and affordable shoes.

Reshoe Reuse Recycle plans to grow by establishing more shoe drop offs in Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Nisku, St. Albert, and Calgary. In January 2015, the initiative was profiled by FortSaskOnline.

For more information on donating shoes or hosting a shoe drive within your company, contact Cassandra Tomas at (780) 702-6956 or email

You can also visit Reshoe Reuse Recycle's Facecbook page (once you log in you will be taken straight to the RRR page).

Way to go, Cassandra! Everyone at Qualimet is proud of you.


Qualimet Attends U of A Career Fair - January 2015

On Jan. 7 and 8, 2015, Qualimet staff had a ball in their booth at the 2015 Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) Engineering Career Fair at the University of Alberta.

Gary LaFleur, Scott Hynes, Sarah Thomson, Tony Travanut, and Cassandra Tomas all met students from a range of disciplines and at different stages in their engineering studies. We collected several promising resumes, and look forward to this exciting opportunity to add members to our team in 2015!

See more information on careers at Qualimet.



Gary Lafleur Now VP of Edmonton Executives Association - Dec 15, 2014

Congratulations to Gary LaFleur, Qualimet's Client Relations and Inspections Manager, who has just become Vice President of the Edmonton Executives Association (EEA).

Congratulations, Gary! Everyone at Qualimet is proud of you.



Qualimet Christmas Potluck - Dec 12, 2014

Qualimet held our Christmas Potluck celebration on Dec 12th, 2014, and a good time was had by all!

We had a Secret Santa, but for a twist, everyone who participated bought a gift that would have been appropriate for the other person as a child.

Each gift was opened in front of the group, with an explanation as to why that gift was chosen. For example, Hanibal gave childhood-Sherman a Nerf gun set, because what boy doesn’t love Nerf guns?


Even Don Keith partook, giving childhood-Davis a Ninja Turtles vehicle play set. After we had our smiles, the brand new, unopened gifts were all donated to Santas Anonymous.



Qualimet Achieves COR Certification! - Nov 2014

Although the paperwork may take a few weeks, Qualimet has passed our COR Audit and we'll soon have our Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification in place. Thanks to everyone within Qualimet, especially Pam Irwin, our amazing Safety Officer / Safety Coordinator, for making it happen!


Don & Jan Are Great-Grandparents

On Aug 14, 2014, Don and Jan Keith became great-grandparents to Aaliyah Marie Rose Davis, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz.

Congratulations Jan and Don!



Qualimet Christmas Party - Nov. 15, 2014

This year, Qualimet’s annual Christmas Party took place at the Sutton Hotel in downtown Edmonton.

During dinner, everyone was entertained by a murder mystery presented by Slixer Entertainment. Courses were served as the mystery was acted out around us. Two “attempted murders” were even made on Qualimet employees! more



Hallowe'en Party - Oct 2014

Qualimet staff all got together for a Hallowe'en party at noon on the 31st. Costumes and everything! (Who are those masked men?)


Thanks to Qualimet E.I.T. Eric Lepine for Outstanding Dedication - Nov 2014

Qualimet E.I.T. Eric Lepine recently worked till 1 AM to finish a welding job. The Client’s welder had only a small window of time to do the work, and Eric went above and beyond the call to be sure the Client got what they needed.

Thank you, Eric! We appreciate your dedication!


Noon Hour Yoga - Oct 2014

All Qualimet employees are invited to enjoy our weekly Yoga classes at noon. Relaxing and fun!



Goodbye to Eric MacKnight - Oct 2014

Eric MacKnight leaves Qualimet after 3.5 years of much appreciated service. All the best, Eric!


Qualimet Employee Dominic Yung Ran for the Cure - Oct 2014

Once again this year, Qualimet employee Dominic Yung participated in the annual Run for the Cure, held this year on Oct 5, 2014. Qualimet employees donated $535 to his run, and Qualimet matched that amount, for a total donation of $1070. Way to go, Dominic! And thanks to everyone at Qualimet who donated.


Scott Hynes Awarded P. Eng. - Sept 18, 2014

Congratulations to Scott Hynes, Qualimet's Engineering Supervisor, on receiving his P. Eng designation.

Scott joined Qualimet in 2009 and is an invaluable member of our engineering team. Congratulations, Scott, from everyone at Qualimet!


Qualimet Appoints James Ma as Managing Director - Sept 3, 2014

Congratulations to James Ma, P.Eng., Qualimet's Manager of Engineering Services, who has accepted the position of Managing Director with Qualimet, effective immediately. James joined Qualimet in 1997 and is a registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. His experience includes steel and ceramic manufacturing research, pipeline and pressure vessel welding, failure analysis, and engineering evaluation and design. Congratulations, James!


Qualimet Says Goodbye to Din Islam

Best wishes from everyone at Qualimet to Din Islam, who left the company in August, 2014. Best wishes, Din, from everyone at Qualimet!


Qualimet Says Goodbye to Dustin Meunier

Everyone went to lunch in early July to say goodbye to Dustin Meunier, a valued Qualimet employee who is leaving us to be a welding engineer with T.D. Williamson Industries. Best wishes, Dustin, from everyone at Qualimet!


Qualimet Annual BBQ and Summer Client Appreciation Event

See details & photos from the Jun 18, 2014 Client Appreciation BBQ


Qualimet Employees Volunteer to Bring Science to Kids

In early March, 2014, Qualimet employee Sherman Chan once again volunteered for APEGA's Science Olympics, an interactive, interschool science competition that takes place every year during National Engineering & Geoscience Month. Later in the month, Qualimet employees Scott Hynes and Cassandra Tomas will join Sherman in volunteering for Elementary Science Nights, another annual event aimed at sparking the love of science in young Canadians. Thanks to Sherman, Cassandra, and Scott for their participation and leadership.


Qualimet on Editions TV

In late 2013, Editions TV with Terry Bradshaw profiled Qualimet. See it on our YouTube channel


New Video Testimonials

At our 40th Anniversary celebration, Clients generously shared stories about their positive experiences with Qualimet. Now some of those stories are available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

... see Testimonial Video #1

... see Testimonial Video #2


Qualimet Employee Din Islam Gets ABSA Welding Examiner Certification - Feb 2014

Congratulations to Qualimet employee Din Islam for getting his ABSA Welding Examiner Certificate. Well done!


Qualimet Christmas Party - 2013

On December 20, 2013, Qualimet hosted its staff Christmas party at Edmonton’s Derrick Club.

See more on the event


Gary LaFleur of Qualimet Acclaimed to Edmonton Executives Association's Board of Directors - Dec 2013

Gary LaFleur, Qualimet's Manager of Business Development, Inspection, and Production, has been appointed by acclamation to the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Executives Association (EEA).

The EEA is a local chapter of the International Executives Association, which elected Gary to its Board of Directors in October 2013.

Congratulations Gary! Everyone at Qualimet is terrifically proud of you.


President's Message - December 2013

Dear Friends,

As 2014 approaches with its new possibilities and opportunities, it is my pleasure to acknowledge, thank, and congratulate everyone who has contributed to Qualimet's tremendous success again this year....

Read more


Qualimet Celebrates 40th Anniversary - Nov 14, 2013

On Nov 14, 2013, Qualimet celebrated 40 years in business with a gala Client event at Edmonton's Derrick Club.

Fifty-five guests, plus Qualimet staff, attended the event, which included networking time and a slideshow celebrating Qualimet's culture, presented by company President Don Keith.

Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch, and Gary LaFleur, Qualimet's Manager of Business Development, Inspection & Production, shared some of his experiences within the industry.

To all our valued Clients, thank you for a successful 40 years in business. We look forward to serving you for at least 40 more!

See more coverage of the event


Qualimet Facility Tours Start in January 2014

In response to numerous Client requests, Qualimet is now giving quarterly tours of our facilities.

The first tour will take place on Thursday, January 16th, from 2:30-4:30 PM. Gary LaFleur, our Business Development & Inspections Manager, along with our engineers, will greet guests and guide them through the welder testing area, lab facilities, and other service areas. Coffee and snacks will be served after the tour. It's a great opportunity to see our facilities and ask questions about our services.

To attend, please call Qualimet's main phone line at (780) 469-5870 to reserve a spot. If the January tour date does not work for you, just ask to be put on the contact list for future tours. We will contact you as dates are scheduled.


Congrats to Dustin and Scott for Their AWS Service - Nov 2013

Congratulations to Qualimet employees Dustin Meunier and Scott Hynes for their commitment to serve on the 2013-14 Executive of the American Welding Society (AWS), Alberta Section. Dustin is serving as President, while Scott is Sponsorship Chair. Way to go, guys!


Qualimet employee Dominic Yung Runs for the Cure - Oct 2013

Qualimet employee Dominic Yung participated in the annual Run for the Cure on Oct 6 2013. Qualimet employees donated $680 to his run, and Qualimet matched that amount, for a total donation of $1360. Dominic's team raised a total of $6000—way to go, Dominic!



Hanibal Ghile Wins Toastmasters Certification - Oct 21, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Qualimet engineer Hanibal Ghile was awarded Toastmaster's "Competent Communicator" designation for exceptional achievements in the Toastmasters International Communication Program. To win the certification, Hanibal completed a series of speaking projects, then was endorsed by the Vice President of Education of his Toastmasters group. Congratulations Hanibal!



Gary LaFleur of Qualimet Elected to the International Executives Association's Board of Directors - Oct 3, 2013

At the International Executives Association's annual convention in Akron, Ohio on Oct 2-4, 2013, Gary LaFleur, Qualimet's Manager of Business Development, Inspection, and Production, was elected to the IEA's Board of Directors on the first ballot.

The IEA is the umbrella organization of the Edmonton Executive Association, where Gary is a longstanding member. In December 2013, Gary will be up for nomination to the Edmonton Executives Board of Directors as well.

Congratulations Gary! Everyone at Qualimet is so proud of what you've accomplished, and we know that you'll be making amazing contributions to both IEA and EEA. (And we hear that Akron has great golfing!)



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