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Selected Articles - Metallurgical & Materials Testing 

Below are links to some of the articles that Qualimet has published on materials testing and welding consumables.


How Comparison and Process Optimization Testing Can Save You Money
August 2016
Not all research is pie-in-the-sky. Sometimes a little applied lab work can save you significant amounts of time, money, and aggravation.

Materials Test Report (MTR) Verification Testing - Why Everyone Wins
September 2014
You've received the materials for a project. The accompanying Materials Test Report (MTR) lists a range of material properties that meets project specifications. Would it surprise you to know that you could still be using off-spec materials?

What Metallurgical Testing Results Really Tell You
September 2012
Clients sometimes mention that they’re not clear on what their lab test results really mean. This article explains the significance of test results for the 3 most common tests used to characterize structural steel: tensile, hardness, and impact testing.

Product Alert - Counterfeit Filler
July 2012
Recently, an offshore company has been supplying counterfeit welding filler metals that it claims are certified to AWS and CSA codes….

AWS Changes Standards for Welding Consumables
May 2012
AWS has just announced a new Standard, AWS A5.36/A5.36M, for flux cored and metal cored electrodes. Find out how this affects other AWS Standards, and ultimately affects you.