Metallurgical Testing Services

Whether you're in Western Canada or elsewhere in the world, Qualimet can provide you with timely, high quality metals testing services. We deliver a comprehensive range of destructive and non-destructive testing (NDT) services to Clients who want the best.


One-Stop Shopping for Your Metallurgical Testing Needs

Qualimet's 4800 sq. ft. metallurgical testing facility includes a fully equipped metallurgical laboratory with a wide range of testing equipment. Bring us your testing needs, and we'll get it done.

To ensure consistent, standardized testing, all test specimens are prepared in-house. Certified, reliable testing staff give you timely results that you can trust. Our testing services are listed below.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDE and NDT Testing)

  • visual inspection (also called VT inspection or visual testing)
  • magnetic particle testing (MT, also called MPT, magnetic particle inspection, and magnafluxing)
  • ultrasonic inspection (UT Testing)
    • thickness
    • corrosion mapping - zero degree scan
  • liquid dye penetrant examination (PT testing)
  • in-situ metallography
  • ferrite testing (feritscope)
  • valve body testing
  • coating condition assessments and coatings failure analysis (NACE certified test procedures)


Destructive Testing

  • hardness testing
    • Brinnell hardness testing (BHN)
    • Vickers hardness testing (HV)
    • Rockwell hardness testing (RC, HRB)
  • tensile testing, including elevated temperature tensile tests
  • compression testing
  • bend tests
  • charpy v-notch impact tests
  • low temperature testing
  • toughness (impact) tests
  • chemical analysis
  • microstructure and macrostructure examination
  • mechanical testing


Other Testing and Laboratory Services

Qualimet also provides the following testing and laboratory services:

  • welder testing (ABSA PQ Testing and CWB Testing) 
  • weldment testing
  • hot tap testing & procedure development
  • profile comparisons
  • heat treatment
  • testing of ceramics, plastics, composites, and elastomers
  • pressure tests: 'U' Stamp, 'A' Stamp, and 'B' pressure tests


For increased confidence that your company's metal products and related services are safe and reliable, contact Qualimet about our full range of metal testing services.



November 2012 

“When I first gave Qualimet a try, it was because of a positive recommendation. So going into it I had fairly high expectations which were met and exceeded every step of the way. Qualimet’s professionalism and attention to detail make sure the job is done right and stays on schedule.

It was also refreshing to deal with someone in the testing world that saw issues as a challenge to work together to find a solution that would equal a positive result rather than an opportunity to butt heads with everyone involved.”

Rob Longhe
VP Operations
TSI Thermal Spray Industries Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta  

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