Codes & Standards

One-Stop Shopping for Your Codes and Standards

If your company is involved in the manufacture or industrial use of metal products, your operations are probably regulated by specific codes and standards. Industry sectors regulated by codes and standards include:


Companies in these industries are legally required to have copies of certain code books and standards on their premises. They may also be required to have "access to" additional codes and standards.

Qualimet offers Clients one-stop shopping for code books and standards related to their metallurgical operations.

We will advise you as to exactly which codes and standards you require onsite. By retaining Qualimet as your welding consultant, you may be able to reduce the number of codes and standards you are required by the Acts and Regulations to purchase.

Qualimet supplies code books and standards for:

  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • AWS 
  • CSA
  • API
  • NBIC
  • provincial regulatory jurisdictions, for example, the Alberta Safety Codes Act & Regulations


Let Qualimet Weed Out the Complexity

With so many interrelated codes and standards, it can be tough to decide what you have to do to ensure compliance. Qualimet provides full support in the interpretation and use of the various codes and standards.

Contact us with your requirements. We will be glad to serve as your welding consultant and help your company to be fully compliant with the codes and standards that regulate the use of metals in your industry.

For information on the benefits of engaging Qualimet as your welding consultant, contact us for details.


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