Metal Failure Analysis

Metal failure analysis can be an important first step for minimizing repeat occurrences of the same failure mechanism.

An experienced failure analysis consultant can save you money in the following ways:

  • For each failure, determine whether a failure analysis is justified in terms of the likely outcomes (dollars saved and safety ramifications)
  • efficiently pinpoint the cause(s) of a failure
  • make appropriate recommendations


Put the Pieces in Our Hands, and Relax

Qualimet's metallurgical, mechanical, and civil consulting engineers provide thorough, expert metal failure analysis.

If the preliminary assessment shows that a failure analysis is justified, a Qualimet failure analysis consultant will direct our certified technical staff in the investigation. All testing is done in our fully equipped metallurgical testing laboratory.

When testing and analysis is compete, you will receive a complete and accurate forensic failure analysis report that can be used to prevent similar failures in the future.

Qualimet is experienced in the failure analysis of:

  • tanks and trailers
  • lifting equipment
  • pipelines
  • structures
  • heavy equipment


Our engineers also have extensive experience in failure investigation for the insurance industry. Contact Qualimet for more information.



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