Olympic Torch Run Update- March 2010

On January 15, 2010, Qualimet employee Sherman Chan participated in the Olympic Torch Relay by carrying the Torch for one 400 metre segment in the community of Devon, Alberta. As a follow-up, Sherman was invited to share his Olympic Torch Relay experience with a Grade One class at the Strathcona Christian Academy in Sherwood Park.

Of the experience, Sherman writes, "Being selected in the RBC Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay and running with the flame was a memorable event in itself. Being asked to do a show and tell at a school class of a co-worker's child was inspirational."

At the presentation, each child and teacher had their picture taken with the torch. Sherman writes, "The glow of all the children when they saw and held the Torch and relay paraphernalia, watched the self-compiled video, and heard my story, was the highlight of my Torchbearer privilege."

Hopefully we will see a number of those inspired children as future Olympians.

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