Pressure Equipment & Pressure Piping

Qualimet provides complete engineering and testing services for pressure equipment and its associated pressure piping .

Whether you require new equipment design, fabrication advice, auditing services, or ongoing quality services, Qualimet's experienced engineers and technicians can help. We will deliver the combination of consulting and testing services you need to design, maintain, inspect, and operate your pressure equipment and pressure piping efficiently and safely.

Let us take the worry off your hands. Qualimet's pressure equipment services include:


Qualimet's metallurgical, mechanical, and civil engineers are fully experienced at applying the codes and standards that govern the fabrication, use, and repair of pressure equipment: ASME Section I, II, IV, V, VIII Div 1, IX, ASME B31 Series, NBIC-23, and CSA B51, etc. All testwork is done in Qualimet's own fully equipped metallurgical engineering laboratory by fully qualified technical staff.

For mobile pressure equipment (tank trucks), Qualimet's Transport Canada Registered Design Engineers provide services to meet ABSA, ASME, CSA, and Transport Canada quality control guidelines.


Oilfield Steam Line Piping

Please see our SAGD and CSS steam line piping page.



April 2011 

"Thanks to you both. I greatly appreciate this and your help and expertise."
(For expediting the replacement of a missing AI (Authorized Inspector) signed controlled ABSA manual within a 1-week timeframe.) 

Quality Control Manager,
Oil and Gas Construction & Maintenance Company
Red Deer, Alberta  

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