Skype Help

Skype is a piece of software used to make phone calls over the internet. Skype can be set up in many ways, so if your call to Qualimet didn’t go the way you expected, the tips below may help.


Quick Things to Try

If you need more information or explanations, please review the detailed help below this section.

  • install Skype on your computer if you don’t have it
  • make sure your Skype is in online mode or invisible mode (NOT offline mode)
  • to make your call, try clicking directly on the rectangular Skype button, NOT on one of the phone numbers or round "S" logos

    Skype Choices
  • if you’re calling from a location that Skype considers a “long distance” call to Edmonton, Canada, you may need to add money to your Skype account


Detailed Help

Do You have Skype Installed?

Before you can make a call over the Skype system, you need the Skype software installed on your computer. If you don’t have Skype installed, but you click a blue phone number or Skype button on our Contact page, you’ll see a message telling you that you need to install Skype. To do so, click the appropriate button in the message window to go to the Skype download page.


You Have Skype, But Your Call Didn’t Work OR Skype Wants to Charge You Money

One of two things is probably going on:

  1. Your Skype might be set up in “offline” mode. To check this, look at the Skype icon in your system tray (the set of icons at the bottom of your screen, to the left of the clock). If the Skype icon is white/dimmed, your system is offline or in invisible mode. If the icon is green, your Skype is in online mode. To make changes, click the icon to open the Skype window and go to the Status information. You should be able to make calls in online mode or invisible mode.

  2. Skype might think you need to pay it to make the call. Here’s why that might happen: some browsers (like Google Chrome), check to see if Skype is installed, and if it is, the browser will display ALL the phone numbers on a webpage in blue. If you then click one of these blue numbers, Skype may consider this to be a call out of its system to a land line, and may want to charge you for the call, because Skype generally charges for any call to a land line.

    If you have this problem, the solution is to click directly on the rectangular Skype button, not on one of the blue phone numbers or round "S" icons (see diagram above). The rectangular button is set up to make a Skype-to-Skype call, so you should not be charged by Skype. Note: if the call you’re making is considered by Skype to be a long-distance call, you may be required to buy Skype credits in order to make the call.)

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