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Welder Testing Centre

Welder Testing Schedules, Registration, and Fees


About Our Welder Testing Centre

Qualimet is accredited to carry out welder performance qualification testing ("PQ Testing") in accordance with ABSA, ASME, CSA, and API Codes, and to facilitate CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Welder Tests.

Our new welding engineering facilities include a 4800 sq. ft. welding test centre for welder performance qualification testing and brazer testing.

The new facility includes:

  • a fully equipped 750 sq. ft. welder testing centre with 10 all-new, very bright and well-lit individual welder test stations with new welding stands and individual fume extractors
  • machining equipment for preparation and testing of welding coupons
  • hardness, tensile, bend, and impact testing machinery
  • portable bend, nick break, and tensile testers for welder testing in the field
  • additional client audit and welding procedure development equipment, including a modified wave form multi-meter with instantaneous power output and portable fume extractor 

Qualimet also provides field-testing services for welder qualification testing.


ABSA Pressure Welder Testing

Several of Qualimet's staff hold ABSA Welding Examiner Certificates of Competency. Welders can book welding examinations for:

  • ABSA "B" Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency renewals and qualification upgrades
  • ABSA Machine Welding Operator Certificate of Competency renewals and qualification upgrades
  • Brazer performance qualification ("PQ") testing in accordance with ASME Section IX


For more information on regulations regarding the "B Welder Test" and Machine Welding Operator Certificate, visit the ABSA website's Pressure Welder page.




June 2012 

“I like your new shop and office area, everyone was very helpful to us, Dustin & Hanibal were very accommodating as well. Great work guys.” 

Larry Dicks
QA/QC Lead
Talon Energy Services
Foster Creek, AB 

Welder Test Center with 10 Fume Extractors Welder Test Centre with 10 Fume Extractors Welder Test Coupons Welder Test CouponsWELDER TEST IN PROGRESS WELDER TEST IN PROGRESS Welding Power Source “8 Pack” Welding Power Source “8 Pack”