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Qualimet holds regular CWB Structural Steel Welder Testing days at 8055 Coronet Road, Edmonton, Alberta.



  • Clean, brightly lit & fully equipped welder testing stations

  • Coupons are prepared to save you time

  • Friendly, experienced staff will answer questions prior to the test

  • Time to run practice welds before the test

  • In-house lab facilities for same-day results

  • A CWB Representative will discuss your test results with you


Sessions are held every Friday

EXCEPT FOR Statutory Holidays falling on a Friday 

Testing starts promptly at 7:30 AM MST




Or: Call the Weld Testing Centre at (780) 641-0756 with answers to the following:

  • First name, middle initial, and last name

  • Mailing address (where the test report will be sent)

  • Contact phone number

  • Who is paying? (Welder or Company)

  • Which process(es) the welder is testing for:

    • SMAW (stick)

    • FCAW (flux)

    • MCAW (metalcor)

    • GMAW (mig)

    • GTAW (tig)

  • Positions testing for:

    • Flat

    • Horizontal

    • Vertical

    • Overhead

    • All – doing all 4 positions

    • Check Test – position depends on valid current ticket positions

  • Classification:

    • S-Class (Standard Ticket, w/Backing)

    • FW Class (Fillet Weld)

    • ASW Class (Arc Spot Weld)

    • T-Class (Requires a CWB-accepted and company certified data sheet. Please call for pricing, as conditions to be met by Company prior to testing must be evaluated.)

    A deposit is required to hold the spot.
    You can either supply credit card information or drop by and put down a $100 deposit.



    The welder must bring:

    • Driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID

    • Safety equipment – welder helmet, safety glasses, welding gloves, and steel toed boots

    • Buffing wheel

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