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Qualimet is a multi-disciplinary Materials Engineering Company, serving both Heavy and Light Industries, specializing in Welding and Materials Engineering Consulting, as well as the related Technical and Inspection Services.  Our interdisciplinary team includes metallurgical, mechanical, welding, and civil engineers, metals and materials technologists, inspectors, Welding Examiners, and testing staff.  Qualimet’s goal as a consultant is to partner with every Client to reduce your costs and free up your experts to do other things.

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Big-Picture Thinking

Is the outcome you’re asking for really the outcome you need? Maybe Code requirements have changed. Maybe there’s a better, more economical way. Qualimet begins every project with the due diligence that’s needed to ensure that your money is not being wasted.


After almost 50 years of consulting in the metals industry, Qualimet’s team of professional metallurgical, mechanical, and civil engineers know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll save you from having to reinvent the wheel. And when something truly new and innovative is needed, your Qualimet team has the knowledge and experience to deliver.


Services We Provide

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