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Structural steel construction projects can involve many stakeholders. As a result, project efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety can all suffer.

Qualimet provides Clients with integrated, cost-effective services and solutions that maximize project success.



Qualimet’s reliable, expert welding consultants provide service and support through the entire lifecycle of a structural steel project—from engineering and structural design through to fabrication, construction, inspection, testing, and structure maintenance. The earlier in your project you contact us, the more you will benefit.



Qualimet will work with your project planning and preparation team to:

  • Help optimise your structural steel specifications by identifying restrictions that add cost without adding value.

  • Ensure that any design requirements over and above code are clearly communicated to contractors. This reduces the risk that a contractor will miss the requirement and deliver off-spec work.

  • Help control structural inspection costs by making sure that your tender specifications will:

    • prescribe the right inspections for the application, at the right time.

    • clearly communicate the inspection services that are needed.



Count on Qualimet to save you money and enhance your reputation with your Clients. Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Review tender specifications and identify items that you may have missed, so you don’t underbid the job and lose money.

  • Make sure you’re properly certified, so your bids don’t get rejected. If you need certification, we’ll help you get it.

  • Provide retained engineer services to ensure that you have the right data sheets and documentation to be in full compliance with codes and Owner’s specs. This will help eliminate costly mistakes and delays.



When you engage Qualimet early on in your project, our proactive approach will save you money and minimize costly delays. Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Make sure that all contractors have the appropriate certifications, before any work is done. You’ll be protected from having to rip out and redo structural steel work done by a non-certified contractor.

  • Provide third-party auditing to verify that contractors are doing their work in accordance with the code and design engineer/architect requirements. Any problems are identified early, minimizing the need for costly rework.

  • Ensure that structural steel inspections are properly managed, so all the important points are covered and inspections are done at the right time, not when work has to be ripped open to give the inspector access.

  • Provide legal inspections under CSA W178.1. (Did you know that a CSA W178.2-certified inspector who is not working under a CSA W178.1 certified company is NOT qualified to conduct inspections under CSA W178.1?) As a CSA W178.1 certified company, Qualimet provides inspections that will withstand the most rigorous audit of any jurisdiction.

  • Manage any deficiencies identified by structural inspections to ensure that all items are addressed. Often, structural inspection companies do not track deficiencies or follow up to ensure acceptable resolution. Qualimet will track and monitor your inspections, and make sure that any deficiencies are remedied. Even better, we make sure you don’t pay for rework costs by giving you the documentation you need to ensure that any repair costs are passed on to the responsible party.





All work is done in accordance with the applicable Codes and Standards:

  • The Inspection Company:  CSA W178.1

  • The Inspector:  CSA W178.2

  • The Inspection:  W47.1, W47.2, W59, W59.2, CSA S16, & S6, CGSB, NACE, AWS D1.1, ASTM E164 & E709, and all engineer / architect supplementary requirements.


For more information on our structural steel engineering, inspection, and testing services, contact Qualimet today.

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